Choosing the right snowboard equipment

If you'd like to try something different, Skimium offers a range of snowboards suitable for all levels of snowboarder, whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider. We offer you complete packs (snowboard + boots + helmets) adapted to your level of practice, but also to your taste. Here's our advice on how to choose your equipment from the 5 types of packs offered by Skimium

Snowboard Initiation

Our "snowboard initiation" pack is designed for beginners to give them a reassuring start to snowboarding, thanks to its comfort, manoeuvrability and stability, making it ideal for beginners. If you want to start snowboarding with confidence, we recommend snowboards with light camber or flat camber to ensure stability on the snow so you can improve your skills safely and with confidence. Suitable for green and blue runs.

Snowboard Progression

Our "snowboard progression" pack is ideal for you, with equipment that's easy to get to grips with and versatile with a view to improving your riding. If you're an intermediate snowboarder, we offer snowboards that are stiffer than a beginner's snowboard but still flexible enough. Packs suitable for green and blue runs.

LTR Burton
Burton LTR
The LTR is a forgiving, manoeuvrable board that makes learning to snowboard easy.
LTR-L Burton
Burton LTR-L
A board especially designed for women learning to snowboard, it’s forgiving of beginners’ mistakes, particularly when it comes to edging!
FLEX 4D Head
Head FLEX 4D
Easy to enjoy and progress.
Lectra Rental Nitro
Nitro Lectra Rental
Flexible and comfortable, the Lectra is very forgiving.
Prime Rental Nitro
Nitro Prime Rental
Quick and easy to put into action. A very comfortable board, the Prime is ideal for progressing.
EXP Regular Rossignol
Rossignol EXP Regular
One of the best boards for learning and progressing!
Tesla Rossignol
Rossignol Tesla
With a really supple, playful flex. A very small camber but, most of all, a rocker that reinforces its playful side.
Liberty Salomon
Salomon Liberty
With its comfortable flex and Flat Out Rocker profile, the Liberty is ideal for all-terrain riding: forgiving and snag-free, its behaviour is predictable.
Wild Card Salomon
Salomon Wild Card
Designed to make each of your outings unforgettable, the Wild Card has a Rock Out Camber. It comes as no surprise that this board is a favourite with many riders, on both piste and powder.

Snowboard Emotion

Our "snowboard emotion" pack will meet your requirements, thanks to the stability and responsiveness of the equipment, even at full speed, and also when changing direction on all types of terrain. Skimium offers precise, responsive and fairly rigid snowboards for experienced snowboarders. Suitable for blue, red and black runs.

Radius Burton
Burton Radius
Learn more quickly with this optimal, versatile board, which will boost your confidence wherever you go.
Radius L Burton
Burton Radius L
Learn more quickly with this optimal, versatile board, which will boost your confidence wherever you go.
FLOCKA LFW 2.0 4D Head
Head FLOCKA LFW 2.0 4D
DreAmsicle K2
K2 DreAmsicle
An all-mountain board for women: it will give you confidence and dynamism on all types of terrain.
An all-mountain/freestyle board from American brand K2 for fun on the slopes.
Cinema Rental Nitro
Nitro Cinema Rental
A Nitro icon, the Cinéma is versatile and fun, from park to powder.
Mystique Rental Nitro
Nitro Mystique Rental
Quick and easy to put into action. Turns all by itself, so it’s very accessible, allowing you to make limitless progress.
EXP3 Rail Rossignol
Rossignol EXP3 Rail
A board for carving the piste!

Snowboard Experience

Our "snowboard experience" pack guarantees you a high-performance, technical snowboard that's perfectly suited to your advanced riding. Experienced snowboarders will be delighted with the equipment on offer, for use on all types of terrain and adapted to all types of riding. Cover the whole ski area with this pack for blue, red and black runs.

Custom Experience Burton
Burton Custom Experience
The market benchmark!
Process Experience Burton
Burton Process Experience
A versatile board that's easy and effective on all types of terrain.
Broadcast K2
K2 Broadcast
A board with a traditional shape that's versatile, responsive and playful.
The Fate is versatile and fun, from park to powder. In short, this is the board for you.
Team Rental Nitro
Nitro Team Rental
A sound, versatile board. Comfortable and reassuring, it can go anywhere.
Trickstick AMPTEK Rossignol
Rossignol Trickstick AMPTEK
This board is easy to get on and forgives bad landing positions, making it easy to learn tricks. We also love it for its versatility.
Huck Knife Salomon
Salomon Huck Knife
A pure freestyle board that excels in the park yet retains versatility, so you can ride it anywhere in the resort.
Super 8 Rtl Salomon
Salomon Super 8 Rtl
Its broader shape concentrates control under the rear foot for added manoeuvrability, speed and float, with optimal fluidity and precision.
Wonder Rtl Salomon
Salomon Wonder Rtl
With its directional twin shape, quality design, and Rock Out camber, this ski offers responsiveness and stability. A playful, medium flex provides plenty of pop, while the cushioning ensures a soft feel.

Junior Snowboard

LTR-Kids Burton
Burton LTR-Kids
This board helps make the learning process as quick and easy as possible.
Radius Kids Burton
Burton Radius Kids
Learn more quickly with this optimal, versatile board, which will boost your confidence wherever you go.
Rental Kids K2
K2 Rental Kids
To help you take your first steps.
Ripper Youth R Nitro
Nitro Ripper Youth R
EXP Junior Rossignol
Rossignol EXP Junior
Aimed at the youngest riders, whatever their level, giving them the qualities they need to develop their talent.
El Capitan Salomon
Salomon El Capitan
El Capitan is a kid's snowboard designed for great versatility on all types of terrain. Built to facilitate learning and progression, so little boarders can quickly do what the grown-ups do.